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Minimalism is a hot topic right now. We see shows on Netflix, influencers on Instagram, and hear podcasters offering various takes on what it is, how it’s done, and why it’s important. This is fantastic, because minimalism is something the planet needs. By reducing what we buy, cleaning out the clutter in our homes, and living intentionally and sustainably, we lessen our carbon footprint while also lessening the load of things we have to buy, find room for, organize and maintain.

The concept is great. The practice requires some adjustment to how we think, what we value, and our daily habits. That’s because we live in a consumerist society, where having many things is a sign of success. We are bombarded with ads, and shopping has become a form of entertainment. It seems we never have enough time in the day for the things we want to do, and we long for an opportunity to spend time developing our hobbies, relaxing and spending more time with our loved ones and friends.

If you’re here, minimalism has caught your interest, and you’re looking for some help in simplifying your lifestyle and reducing your things. I can help. Here’s how:

Consultation: We’ll start with what interests you about minimalism and discuss trouble areas in your home and habits. We’ll identify your priorities and develop both a short term and long term action plan to get you on the path and keep you there long after the trends have moved on. I’ll recommend some resources for you to look over before we meet next.

Implementation: I’ll visit your home and we’ll spend a few hours beginning the decluttering process and discussing beliefs, attitudes, and habits that allow you to be intentional about what you own and how you spend your time. I’ll offer tips and tricks for organization, and we’ll identify the most eco-friendly ways to dispose of items you no longer wish to keep. You’ll continue work in this area and I’ll be available to help you with obstacles you may encounter as you go along.

Check in: I’ll check in with you after an agreed upon amount of time to see how it’s going and discuss the next areas of focus. At this point the new habits and attitudes you’ve formed will support you in moving forward on your own.

You can gain control over what you own and how you spend time. Get in touch with me today:

How sustainable is your lifestyle? Visit my Sustainability Coach page to learn more.

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