Sustainability Coach

You might be here because you know the environment needs help, but you don’t know if you can make a difference, and if so, where to start. Perhaps you’ve already put in place some of the more common sustainability practices and are looking to broaden your impact. Either way, you’re in the right place.

The Green Life Consulting takes a look at where you are now, and helps you create a plan for change that is based on real science, not on things such as trendy Instagram influencers receiving compensation for their product plugs. Your action plan will create results that are measurable, maintainable, and incremental.

Here’s a bit more about what that means:

Measurable: Your household’s impact on the environment can be measured. I’ll survey you about your energy usage, where your food comes from, online shopping habits, transportation, how you generate and get rid of waste, and much more. This information will create measurable indicators of what you’re doing well on, and what could use some improvement.

Maintainable: We’ll work together to identify areas of improvement that match your priorities. Maybe you’re worried about plastic in the ocean. Or rising sea levels. Or rain forest depletion. Perhaps you’d like to work on something that can improve multiple environmental issues at once. That’s where we’ll start. I’ll show you ways to start making these changes, and you’ll select the options that you’re comfortable you can begin right away and maintain over time.

Incremental: Some changes can happen right away. Others take mid or long term planning and/or saving. Your plan will include both, and outlines steps for how to make your goals a reality. This approach helps you avoid being overwhelmed, and acknowledges that it takes time for us to build new habits and make adjustments in our homes and lifestyles.

Contact me now to get started! If not now, when?

Minimalism is an important part of a sustainable lifestyle. Learn more about my Minimalism Coaching.

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