If you have a heartbeat, you’ve heard this planet is in need of some emergency resuscitation. Factoids about carbon footprints, rising sea levels, depleted forests and gaping ozone layers are everywhere, and are truly overwhelming. For awhile, I felt so small and helpless to do anything to stem the damage done by manufacturing pollution, factory farming, exponential population growth, petroleum guzzling transportation and so much more.

I figured the best I could do was find small comfort in the pockets of nature I could find and create, and educating the few people I thought I could influence. I began with planting a few houseplants on an apartment window and teaching my kids to love the insects I remembered from my childhood. Over time, I graduated to patio tomatoes and pots of herbs. I wrote essays debating the environmental impacts of vegetarianism and graduated to ghostwriting sustainability articles for a national audience. I made my own natural beauty products. We converted appliances, changed jobs so we drastically reduced our commutes, bought a home and put in an organic garden, and so on.

Little by little, the choices I made empowered me. I imagined the piles of garbage I didn’t generate. I loved my time in my garden and had a lot of pride about serving my family organic fruits and veggies. I imagined the people reading my writing and how if just a few of them each time adopted similar changes, it added up. We can each make significant change, and all it takes is a realization like I had, and the resources to make it happen.

That’s where The Green Life Consulting comes in. I help busy individuals and families by assessing their current environmental impact in several key areas, and recommending proven ways to reduce that impact significantly. The recommendations I make are based on the most current scientific evidence about the products we use and habits we have, and what makes a real change. While recycling and using a reusable straw are great steps, they aren’t enough to get us where we need to be to prevent catastrophe. However, it’s also not realistic to expect most people to go from an average American lifestyle to zero waste, veganism, or off grid lifestyles. I work to help people find signficant change they can fit into their lifestyles and maintain over time.

Now’s the time to get your green on. Contact me today!


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