Rhubarb Schnapps

The organic rhubarb I planted two years ago is still getting established. My plants aren’t making enough at once to harvest for a cobbler, but I haven’t wanted to waste the few stalks here and there that were ready to be enjoyed. Plus, picking regularly encourages new growth.

Last Christmas, I successfully made some limoncello from lemon peel, vodka, sugar and time, and it occurred to me I may be able to do something similar with rhubarb. A quick web search for “rhubarb vodka” led me to a recipe for rhubarb schnapps. That was six weeks ago, and after near daily shaking of the jar, today I received the calendar reminder that my schnapps were done. I strained out the pieces of rhubarb and behold: rhubarb schnapps. I haven’t found a cocktail recipe for the schnapps yet, but if all else fails, I’m quite happy to shake some over ice and pour into a shot glass.

Since I’m living the green life, I’m always on the lookout for ways to reduce food waste and when you have a backyard garden, you sometimes have to get creative. Nature gives at her own pace, and the organic gardener frequently has batches of vegetables or fruits that don’t fit nicely into any given recipe. Sometimes, the creative attempts don’t turn out as delicious as hoped, but I am always happy to be eating something I grew and prepared myself over frankenfood on the grocery store shelves.

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