Gardening – The Honeybees Are Here

My much-awaited flying visitors have returned to their annual oregano bloom feast.

For a few weeks now, I’ve been anxiously checking the progress of the oregano in my organic garden. I watched the leaves rapidly multiply, and flower stalks begin to build. When I saw the buds start to grow, I hoped we’d soon be seeing honeybees. The flowers opened, and for days, nothing.

With so much press about dwindling bee populations, I was worried that our local hives had also been affected. Last year by this time, I had dozens of honeybees feeding on the oregano every time I went out, and I dawdled to admire the happy buzzing of my namesakes. This year, however, the blooms remained quiet and solitary.

I’ve been careful to follow organic gardening principles. As much as I love knowing the herbs, fruits and vegetables I’m growing for my family are healthy for our bodies, I find the food sources and habitat for local wildlife the garden creates to be just as worthwhile. I mentally reviewed what we’d put on the garden to double check there hadn’t been any blunders that would make it an unwelcome place for our legged and winged critters.

Finally, today, my husband sent me a video he shot while watering. The honeybees are here, happily swarming the tiny white blooms! In lieu of a hug (too forceful for them, too stinging for me), I sent them happy hive vibes and watched them for awhile before heading to the trampoline for a lazy Saturday nap. I’d love to know what oregano honey tastes like.

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